Wolf Armory

I am Nick Klaus ~ Bladesmith.

I learned the old fashioned way. I watched my Dad, imitated him, and picked his brain on what works and what doesn't. My father started making knives as a hobby when he was 18 and I'm proud to follow in his footsteps as a craftsman of fine steel. Not only is it a joy to create something from raw steel, but crafting blades is a true passion for me. If your asking "what's the best knife" you've found them.

I specialize in custom design, if you can imagine it, I'll create it. This is an art. It's challenging, it's hot, its grueling work, but I wouldn't change it. I've learned there's no easy way to craft something of high quality. You want a knife to cut something? You can go to any store in America and buy one. If you want a functional piece of art, that will last Generations... you buy Wolf Armory.